The PLATO System - Links to PLATO Online

Yes! PLATO still has active users and may be accessed over the Internet. Go to Cyber1 to learn more.

The Friendly Orange Glow

Book Cover: The Friendly Orange Glow

Brian Dear at The Friendly Orange Glow has been researching PLATO's contributions with intent to publish a book.

The Emergence of Online Community

David Woolley has an excellent overview of PLATO at PLATO: The Emergence of Online Community.


See the PLATO History The PLATO website is the home of the PLATO History Foundation and the archive for information about the history and significance of the PLATO computer system and its online community.

The Foundation's principal focus is to advance the public awareness of the history, significance, and importance of the PLATO computer system and its online community, and to tell the story of the people who designed, built, and used the system.

The PLATO System in the Media

See the WIRED article from 1997 about the PLATO-fest where they held Empire tournaments.

Also the December 2008 issue with Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's Chief Software Architect.

PLATO Cartridge for Atari

Back to 1984 Antic Magazine article titled PLATO Rising, about the development of the PLATO cartridge for the Atari.

PLATO Learning

PLATO Learning logo
PLATO Learning provides a lineage from the original PLATO for learning online today.